Better than Botox

I recently found an anti- aging treatment and weight loss spa that really works… and it’s free!

Before you all go rushing off to join up, there is a catch. First you must have a stroke, followed by a long hospital stay with a feeding tube for a month, then a  gross pureed diet for a few more weeks and an even more disgusting minced diet to cap it all off. If you can’t lose weight on hospital food, you’re just not trying.

I hear you saying, that seems like a lot of time and effort, what are the results? The paralysis from the stroke erases lines from your face making you look like a teenager with a bit of a gimpy mouth.

Here is my 50-year-old face after…


Plus I have lost approximately 25 pounds so far!

Every storm cloud may have a silver lining, but do NOT try this at home!

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