Bad atheist?

My fellow non-believers, do you sometimesfind yourself using phrases like, for gods sake, or oh my god? I do, in fact, I just hd a conversation in which I said, bless their hearts, oh my god and for Christs sake and now I find myself trying desperately to come up secular replacement phrases cause I feel dirty giving even a tiny bit of credence to the idea of a deity. Do any of you ever feel this way? Does this make me a bad atheist? Or is hs just indicative of how much god/religion have seeped into everyday language?

I will leave you with a giggle. Why do atheists say ,oh my god? Because that’s what you say when something is unbelievable.


2 thoughts on “Bad atheist?

  1. I stopped worrying about that years ago. “Oh my god” is like telling kids about Father Christmas – they’re equally mythical.

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