And another thing about Barbie

I still have yet to see the movie, but while watching a video from Drag Queen and Barbie collector Trixie Mattel ,I had an idea. I wondered if I could find a Barbie doll from 1965,the year of my birth. And because it’s no longer 1965,I have access to a computer and it took mere minutes to find out that while the original was not available, in 2009 Mattel reissued several older dolls under the title My favorite Barbie. The doll wasn’t as inexpensive as it was in 2009 at a whopping 200 Canadian dollars, but it was worth it to me .

And then, because I’m overly generous, I immediately set out to find Barbies from 1990 and 2013 for my stepdaughter and my niece, respectively, because every girl should have a Barbie from the year she was born.

All 3 dolls are new in box and will be good investment and display pieces

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