The new normal.

Before you pass this post up, it’s not about the pandemic. The title refers to my new normal after 6 years of recovery from my massive stroke. There is good news and bad news as with everything. The good news my energy levels are up, my brain fog is down and so is my pain, which means I don’t have to buy as many gummies. My vision is better (either that, or my glasses are better), which means I can type again.I haven’t peed myself in months. As long as nobody pisses me off so much that all 6 cerebral aneurysms aneurysms explode simultaneously and I simply die,I could have a long life. The bad news is, I’m still in the wheelchair and likely will be until that person comes along. My neurologist told me when I asked him, Is there anything I shouldn’t be eating? “Eat whatever you want “. And there’s no way that I’m ever getting my left arm back.


Hubby is now retired and we’re starting a new project on my YouTube channel. We are going to spend a couple of nights each month in a local hotel and show you if or how they can improve their wheelchair access, or how they can improve their treatment of disabled guests. 2 nights per month paid out of my pocket and I will be filming the entire hotel, or at least the parts that are wheelchair accessible. We will be going through the room with a fine tooth comb ,no detail overlooked. Then,we will suggest any improvements in writing to management . It’s my opinion that if you’re a 4 or 5 star hotel, you’re wheelchair accessible rooms should have the access and luxury perks too.

So, if you travel with a wheelchair and are thinking about western Canada as a destination, you will easily see a hotel,or perhaps a bed and breakfast that works for you.

This is what my new normal is and will look like. We were going to start this project at the beginning of this month, but unfortunately Omicron happened. Waiting until 2 weeks after we have both gotten our booster shots, before booking hotel number one. I hope you will stick with me through this next chapter, it should be entertaining, and hopefully educational.

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