It’s official, so why aren’t I smiling bigger?

I am officially 54 years old. Went to a wonderful dinner with my husband and parents. And this was the picture of my side of the table.

Smiling, but trying desperately not to show my remaining teeth.

The meal was terrific, it’s just too bad that it occurred before my dental surgery. I was really hoping to have my makeover done before the birthday, but it’s one last before shot. I’m sure it seems to you that I’m whining over nothing but I’ve been living with a hole in my smile for over a year now, and the wait is less than a month away. I’ve never liked my goofy smile and to finally get it tended to is literally a life long dream come true. Even the dental professionals I’m working with( a dentist, an oral surgeon and a denturist ) have all said how excited they are to see the finished product. Although the finished product won’t happen for about 7 months, I will be fitted with a temporary plate next month. I have all the faith in the world in my denturist’s abilities. He’s done some fantastic work and I’m already vibrating with anticipation and excitement.

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