Things I accomplished today … singlehandedly!

I’m very proud of this mornings accomplishments. First, on a small scale, the photo above of an empty orange peel is proof that I was able to get the peel off of my mandarin orange in one piece and with only one hand thankyouverymuch! No accomplishment is too small to celebrate.

Next on the big scale, I was able to get out of the tub without the use of any hands, and for the first time since the stroke . I just stood up, which is a big deal. So big a deal that, if I’m able to stand up after my bath consistently for 2 weeks, I will be able to cut my at home help down from 2 hours per visit to one hour of exercise based help,as opposed to helping me get out of the tub, and helping me dress, then exercise. It would also mean the ability to bathe whenever I want. Slowly but surely, I’m gaining back my independence.

I’ve been able to dress myself for a while now. It takes more time and concentration than I’d like and I always have to put my pants on twice because the first time they always end up on backwards . The other day I managed to put my knee high sock on by myself, which is no small feet, not that my feet are big but, you get it.

With every accomplishment, big or small, I take a bit more of my life back. And it feels wonderful!

15 thoughts on “Things I accomplished today … singlehandedly!

  1. As my father is wont to still say … ”Slowly, slowly catch a monkey.”
    Just don’t get over enthusiastic about climbing out of the bath.
    They are not the easiest things to manoeuvre in and out of even while using all available appendages.

    In fact, a shower is always my first choice. And if it is a stand alone shower and not one attached to/over the bath, even better.

    But all said and done, good for you.

    How are those Stones CDs? Have you got them yet?

    1. I vastly prefer the tub. I’m using a bath lift to lower me into and lift me up from the tub. All I have to be able to do is sit down and stand up. It’s been several years of building the muscles in my left leg until today. Of course I’m wearing my rubber sole slip on shoes. 😊

          1. In truth, I would have to give the nod to Exile.( a lot of the reason is sentimental) But, then, who could argue that Time Waits for No one was one of Mick Taylor’s finest moments?

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