2019 is looking great so far. Fingers crossed.

First, my favorite band, The Rolling Stones stones announced their tour of the United States, with one date kinda close to me and my head exploded . Then my husband and I decided it was too problematic to deal with the border and I will have the rolling stones on vinyl. Every album since 1971, oh yes I am spoiled and that’s why I married him.

Then, just the other day, my favorite singer, Cher announced that she’s coming to Vancouver with her ‘Here we go again ‘ tour. Both my mom and I immediately went into planning mode, after my head exploded. So happy that mom loves Cher too. It’s now a matter of hoping that the venue didn’t sell all of the disabled seats during Presale.

And hoping my mom (76), Cher (73 on the date ) or I ( at least 5 cerebral aneurysms) don’t die before the end of May. That’s a lot of hoping . And quite a long time to keep my fingers crossed.

*both head explosions were figurative. My head did not actually explode. No bloggers were hurt to make this post.

11 thoughts on “2019 is looking great so far. Fingers crossed.

  1. May you not only survive far into 2019, but long afterwards while having an absolute blast, exploding heads preferably non-literal. I’ll miss seeing your posts on Twitter now that I’ve left the platform, but I’ll be spending more time on WP.

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