The tooth,the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

Well, my body made it 50 years with little issue, but now it’s falling apart. This year it’s the teeth. Thanks to great dental insurance had 3 extracted so far, this year. Hopefully no more than 3. Here I was thinking my oral hygiene was fine, then I go to the dentist and apparently not. I had quite a few cavities 7 filled so far and 2 teeth rotting my jaw bone. The tooth that was pulled today, had absolutely no pulp. I was happy to lose it as it’s the tooth that made my smile look goofy. After all the cavities are filled, I must play the waiting game until my gums heal. Then I will be receiving 3 dental implants, for which iI will pay 50% of the sticker price, making my smile the smile I’ve always wanted .

More cavities to fill next week. It’s a good thing I have a high tolerance to dental pain.

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