Balancing act

This past week, I’ve been concentrating on my balance, both my physical balance and balancing my schedule. My husband’s work schedule changed this past week. He was working 2 day shifts from 10 am to 6:30pm, getting home by 7:30pm on Monday and Tuesday. Then Wednesday and Thursday mid shifts from 2pm to 10pm, getting home by 11pm. Then it’s a 3 day weekend. We’ve gotten used to this schedule . I can’t get out of the tub by myself, so I don’t bathe Monday or Tuesday. I do bathe every other day of the week. This new schedule has him working 4 day shifts, which means that I have to bathe in the evening at least one day, which is tough when hubby comes home exhausted and we still need to make and eat dinner. We literally had to think about how not to go without bathing 4 or 5 days in a row. As for my physical balance, this is what I’m doing to practice walking without a cane. I just started doing this, so watch with kind eyes, please

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