Why Marijuana should be legal in USA 

Recently, the new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set the wheels in motion to federally legalize the use of Marijuana. Thankfully, Canadians are comparatively a pretty mellow lot. But the sooner we legalize weed, the sooner our southern neighbours will be embarrassed into following suit. They always seem to be just a few years behind on social issues. 

Yesterday, president Obama’s daughter,  Malia was photographed smoking a joint at the music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago , not Denver or Seattle or even DC  where it would have been a legal act and the Internet nearly exploded at the news of an 18 year old woman having a good time.  The media overwhelmingly seemed supportive of the future Harvard student’s misstep, which is definitely a sign of the times. Full disclosure, I use pot edibles to combat the pain I have due to my stroke and have smoked pot frequently over the past 30 or so years, so personally, I say welcome to the club. The club that includes some very respected names like her father Barack Obama and Hillary’s husband, Bill.to name but two.

Had a reputation for bogeying
Never inhaled? Really?

Maybe if Trump smoked some happy tobaccy he could keep his creepy tiny hands from inappropriately touching his gorgeous daughter,Ivanka. Perhaps not. 

Even the smallest hands can objectify women. 

If more Americans smoked pot would Trump even be a candidate? I’d like to see statistics for how many pot smokers are Trump supporters.  My guess is that the number is less than 5. You’d think that the Republican party would be all over this, after all it means huge YUGE revenue for the country and they do worship money. But that also mean less control over your personal choice and we all know how they don’t want to relinquish that. 

It does seem that pot smokers generally  have more sense when it comes to politics . Founding fathers Washington, Jefferson and Madison ,who claimed hemp gave him the inspiration for the  Constitution, all smoked hemp. Even Kennedy smoked pot to help with back pain. 

Marijuana: pain killer, sedative, appetite enhancer, inducer  of the best medicine,  laughter  . If chilling out is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 

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