The world is talking about Mick Jagger’s penis 

Melanie Hamrick and Sir Michael Phillip Jagger

Let’s face it. If you’re in your 70’s and you have someone thinking about your penis, you’re a lucky guy. 

In 11 days, Mick Jagger will celebrate a birthday. He will be 73 years old. Today it was announced that Jagger’s girlfriend, principal dancer for the American ballet theatre,  Melanie Hamrick (29) is expecting his 8th child. The world is acting like this has never happened before. Men siring children into their 80s is not only physically possible, but if the man is sexually sought after, likely. This is not record breaking by any means. Both Tony Randall and Charlie Chaplin have Jagger beat. Randall had his last child at the age of 80,just one year after the birth of his first child, with a woman 50 years his junior. Chaplin fathered 11 children in his lifetime, his last,born when he was 73.

I’m sure people will start saying that miss Hamrick is a gold digger, just in it for the cash and celebrity, in fact that has already begun. I would beg to differ. A gold digger will do anyone if he’s rich. This puts the man in a Rupert Murdock, who, ironically just married Mick’s ex, Jerry Hall, kind of light.  Mick Jagger is not only rich, but sexy, charismatic, intelligent, a knight, and has a hot British accent!  In any case of a world famous, legendary entertainer, opportunity for sex is high. Famous men just become more attractive as they age and accumulate more success and wealth. Miss Hamrick just won the genetic lottery for her kid. Jagger has a stellar reputation for being financially responsible for his kids. He spends time with them. Granted not quantity time, but time. They will want for nothing. Add to that, he makes gorgeous children. 

Elizabeth Jagger
Georgia Jagge

Why any woman wouldn’t think having Mick Jagger’s baby isn’t far superior to that of the guy at the gas station is beyond me. I see only one possible down side. If sexual fidelity is important to you, expect to be disappointed. Men are only as faithful as opportunity allows and Mick swims in the deepest sea of opportunities. 

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  1. I have to quote When Harry Met Sally wrt the Charlie Chaplin babies: “Yeah, but he couldn’t pick them up.”

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