Coping with the curse, period

Finally red being used with tampons

As necessary as toilet paper, perhaps not as often, but just as necessary menstrual pads and tampons are not luxury items. Last year, Canada took a step in the right direction and stopped taxing menstrual products a full 12%,which is what we tax any item that isn’t a necessity. It’s actually two taxes , GST or goods and services tax covers 5% and goes to the federal government  and PST, or provincial sales tax covering the remaining 7% which goes to the province in which the item was purchased.  Those numbers vary by province, but this isn’t a tax seminar.  So, the federal government has cut their tax on menstrual products, which, in my province means we still pay 7% on top of the sticker price.
Last week New York city scored big when the city council voted 49-0 for free tampons and menstrual pads in public schools, homeless shelters and prisons.  Though there is still a full sales tax in place outside the aforementioned venues.
It’s about time this conversation started legislation. I also think that toilet paper should be tax free and that every establishment that provides free toilet paper should be providing free pads and tampons.
Besides food, water and a roof over your head, what is more necessary than being able to wipe after a good shit or being able to have your period without a telltale red streak or puddle as proof you were there?
Yes, menstruation is gross and difficult to discuss . It’s bloody and messy, mood altering and painful . Why it isn’t called an exclamation point? Does it also have to be expensive?

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  1. I love this post and it made me LOL at the “good shit” part. I spent agree with everything you said!

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