I fully admit that I know very little of the economic and or political ins and outs of the Brexit (have we really gotten this lazy?) British exit vote . What I do see in the wake of the vote however,  is a country where 52% of the population were either terrified of change or too selfish to understand teamwork and it makes me sad. These borders we’ve built around ourselves do us great disservices every day. They solidify the notion that we are different. So different, in fact that we should fear the other. Unfortunately it’s impossible to trust someone you fear and in any union you must have some sense of trust in those with whom you’ve joined. Now, I’m not so stupid as to think that everyone is deserving of trust.  For example, the only thing I trust Isis/Isil to do is kill anyone who may offend them by being free of religion , gay or female. The goal of the European Union seems to be strength in numbers. Granted there have been missteps along the way, as with any new concept, the bugs will have to be worked out, but that doesn’t mean you run screaming at first sign of trouble. I understand the fear of the unknown here after all the folks in my city hate change so much they’re petitioning to stop much needed renovations of a beautiful old privately owned  hotel like they have a say. Never mind that the place was dangerously falling apart and getting horribly infested. We never want to let go of our memories, yet we seem to forget that we don’t have to. Just because something changes doesn’t mean the memories are gone. In fact, change is an opportunity to create new memories. I’m sorry to see Britain make the wrong choice here. The point of countries coming together is that over time, hatred of the other dissipates, generation by generation acceptance will come. The European Union is a long game and today the British announced to the world that they are not capable of that kind of long term thinking,  well 52% of them anyway. I see the hatred of other countries as easier to overcome than most. It’s human nature to fear and reject something unknown, the only way to combat the hate is to take away the fear and the only way to do that is for us to meet each other and connect via proximity.  I remember the horribly racist things that would come out of my father’s mouth about the Italian, Japanese or Indian people when they first moved into the neighborhood, and then he got to know them. Slowly, over the course of several years the racism that had long been drummed into his brain,  dissipated . Change for the better always takes time. This vote today is historic in that it’s one of the last times the oldest generation will have such a majority. After all it’s the young who push us forward. Sadly as we age those memories become more important to us and we begin to think that we are attached to our memories, but they are attached to us. If you want those memories to live on, take pictures, tell stories, write your history but don’t forget to include your hopes for the future generations.


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