24 hours to go

The Ramones


Don’t wanna be sedated.  Too excited!

This time tomorrow I will be free from hospital rules. Able to leave my house without having to ask a nurse permission to go downstairs, or to unlock the door. Coming and going as I please will be a real thrill. I might just roll in and out of the entrance chanting ‘I can go in, I can go out ‘ like Frank Burns from M.A.S.H.

I can’t wipe this big shit eating grin off my face!

Can’t wait to live in fresh non-recycled air with humidity. Can’t wait to get a mani pedi and leg wax. Can’t wait to FINALLY consummate my marriage.  Not necessarily in that order 😃

To put it simply, I can’t wait to live my life!  Whatever form that takes.

Finally, a great big thanks to all of you who stayed for this part of my journey. It means a lot. Let’s hope the next bit will be a bit more fun.

I’m grateful but after more than 6 months … well,you know  …


if I can sleep, maybe I do wanna be sedated 😊

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