Three more sleeps until home!

I’m so happy my husband and I  were smart enough to keep a nest egg from the sale of our house. It means we can afford to buy all of the mobility aids I now require. Since I’ve officially been turned down for long term disability and getting any money from EI (that’s the Canadian equivalent of UI) is still being decided ,it’s a relief to know there’s some money to buy grab bars, a bath lift and both a manual and power wheelchairs. That stuff is hella pricey. It’s almost as if all physically disabled people are rich or something!

What really sucks is all the people with chronic ‘back pain ‘ on long term disability, while I was turned down because I live with someone who works.  Even though I am, by any definition, physically disabled for the foreseeable future.

So, it looks like I’m looking for a job answering phones or doing data entry with my one usable hand, or welfare. While I am truly grateful to the provincial medical service plan for paying for my care, I’m furious at the province for not helping me when I need it most.

The indignity just keeps coming!



2 thoughts on “Three

  1. I like that you’re mad- you should be. I also like that you are still YOU! The lady who wrote the sassy blog I feel in love with years back and faithfully followed is alive and well.

    So dig you- so rooting for you and your sweet man.

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