Most viewed photo tells much

Since posting a blog piece called misplaced pride, I am consistently surprised to see how many views a photo of a morbidly obese woman in a red dress is getting  literally EVERY DAY.  She almost always is the most viewed photo with at least 5 views daily.  I am getting search terms like extremely fat sexy woman also literally every day. More recently I posted a piece called does size matter?  In this there are a lot of gorgeous plus size models on display and not one of these gorgeous women get views. Apparently morbidly obese is the new sexy? Or is this just the latest fetish?

I find myself wondering what country is looking at this image the most. Is it a culture where food is hard to come by so,therfore obesity is afluent?  Or is it the USA where obesity is everywhere and therfore lusted after?  Or is the reason for her popularity simply because she is confident enough to believe she’s sexy?

I can’t help but kick myself for years of striving to stay thin if this is sought after.


This is not the aforementioned photo, just an example of the type of thing men are searching for.

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