Explaining Gloria Steinem’s faux pas


Last night on Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill interviewed feminist icon Gloria Steinem. For a quick 6 minutes, it was not exactly in depth, but there were jokes like,at my age most people are dead, and Maher hitting on Steinem. It was cute. That is until the Internet lost its mind over what seemed to be an off the cuff remark Ms Steinem made about young female Sanders supporters going where the boys are.

At 81 years of age, Ms Steinem has seen 4 generations of women grow up. Even at the tender age of 50, I know that most women between the ages of 18 and 25 haven’t lived enough to be so sick of the patriarchy that they will vote in a qualified woman over a flavour of the month like Bernie Sanders. I can only imagine how Ms Steinem must see these young women publicly eschewing feminism as a form of rebellion and think what I think,  young and stupid but they’ll learn. As if to prove my point young female Sanders supporters are denouncing Ms Steinem en mass. Keep voting men into office and having your rights eroded ladies and you might find yourselves on the feminist bandwagon yet. It should be noted that the person you’re supporting has voted 5 times for the Hyde amendment before committing to repealing it AFTER criticism from Planned Parenthood during his campaign. Look up the Hyde amendment and prepare to change your vote if you value your reproductive rights. Don’t vote against personal interest. Inform yourselves before deciding the future of your country.

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