Meet the new atheist, same as the old atheist

This label of new atheist has been tossed around for a while now and I don’t understand it. Specifically, I don’t understand how there can be a new way of not believing in some magical deity . After all, that’s all atheism is,not believing in any god. I assume the ‘new’ part is referring to the fact that we seem more vocal, more angry, more willing to stand up for ourselves. It has always been that way, there are simply more of us now than ever before. We are less afraid of consequence now,and therefore more vocal. Social media gives us a platform we never had.

  • I think it’s hilarious that the Christians and other religions claim to be persecuted by atheists because we call them out on twitter, yet, that’s all we do to believers. Meanwhile around the world, atheists are being shunned, tortured and killed for their disbelief.


The ‘new ‘ atheist is no different than we ever were, just more of us being less afraid.

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