Dinner date recap

BEST DINNER EVER! Well, at least best in the past 5 months. At 4pm we put me into my new manual wheelchair and got me into the car. The drive to the hotel was hilarious. I had the biggest grin and couldn’t stop saying “yay” and “whee” the whole time. Once at the hotel the real fun began. No one knew I was coming and everyone was entirely shocked to see me.  Big hugs all around. The last person we surprised was my friend Roz, you may remember her from my post titled Getting to know you. When I was wheeled into the jewelry store where she works, her jaw hit the ground, it stayed there when she saw me stand for the first time and give her a huge hug!  Now she knew I could stand, just never saw it before.  We made it to the restaurant by 4:45pm to the shocked happy faces of my husband’s coworkers who all wanted to congratulate me on making an honest man of him and check out my engagement ring … reminder this is my big,honking, 8 karat morganite engagement ring



We finally got to our table at 5pm, where we were immediately served drinks.


My one and only bad act last night was this delicious bubbles and raspberry martini that kicked my little white ass. We ordered dinner, husband had the steak, I had the prawn cocktail followed by the best grilled cheese sandwich you’ll ever taste.


Roz joined us after work at 6pm for a drink, then we asked for the bill only to be told that the meal was paid for by management! So,we left a generous tip and made it back to hospital by 7:30pm.



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  1. While I HATE the pain that you have suffered, I cannot tell you how I have appreciated the opportunity to get to know you. You have long been one of my favorite bloggers and when you disappeared- I noticed. To have you back and to be included on your journey to health and happiness…It’s just a privilege, a darn privilege, rooting for you!!!

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