different strokes

20150910_193559It really has been a while. Here’s an update. I have had a run of bad luck lately. Most recently a heart tumour that caused me to have a rather large stroke. Apparently I am special as the tumour is somewhat rare it’s called an atrial myxoma  and the usual size for this type of tumour is 3  by 4cm mine was 4 cm by 3.5 inches!  Because of the stroke I had to wait 3 weeks for open heart surgery to remove the tumour. Very delicate balance apparently. I have now been in hospital for 5 weeks. Just about to start physio and neuro rehab to address the stroke I have little control over the left side of my body, can’t use my arms due to the heart surgery, but am so glad to be in my last 4 weeks here.

Some good news… I’m getting married next month! Hospital wedding, but we were able to make it happen! Want to see the engagement ring?

It’s a morganite stone just shy of 8 karats20150925_100113

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