What does the future of feminism look like?


The other day I saw a woman and her little girl looking through the window of a jewellery store. The girl, who couldn’t have been older than 5, was telling her Mom that someday she would own a ring like the one in the window. Her Mom then proceeded to tell her that she’d better marry a rich husband if she wanted that ring. The little girl simply said, “Oh I can be rich all by myself and someday I’ll be back here and I’ll buy that ring just for me”.

The future of feminism? If this little girl is any indication, looks pretty good to me.

Girls are strong

4 thoughts on “What does the future of feminism look like?

  1. This is getting interesting. It’s a credit to the very young that many are starting to innovate and assimilate more advanced social concepts. The ‘Old Ways’ are starting to lose their teeth and claws. Let’s just hope this trend continues.

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