Learning geography

Last week, WordPress introduced it’s bloggers to a new feature. We now are treated to an accounting of where in the world our site visits are coming from by country. It’s a very interesting feature. I had no idea that there were people visiting my blog from all corners of the globe. This feature definitely piqued my curiosity, if not my wander lust.

Until this feature came into my life, I considered myself to be pretty adept at geography. I thought I had, at least, heard of all the names of all of the countries in the world. Then, on the first day of this new feature along come the pleasant surprise of 6 views from a place I had never heard of. So I did a little research (for me, a day without research is like a day without breathing) and found out a lot about a tiny country called the Republic of Mauritius.  At a scant 2040 square kilometers, Mauritius is hard, if not impossible, to find on the above map, but there are over 1.25 million people living there.

Port Louis, the capitol city is only 42.7 square kilometers, but looks like a stunning place to visit.

File:Evening Port Louis.jpg

For those of you who like hot weather, Port Louis enjoys temperatures above 24 degrees Celsius all year long.

Thanks to WordPress, I may have just found another travel option for my bucket list. If it was beautiful enough to inspire Baudelaire and Twain, who am I to argue?

File:Port Louis Panorama.jpg

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