Experiment in funny

Lately I’ve been thinking about comedy. Specifically, comedians who come from different belief systems. I have listed three comics from three different religions and one non- religion in a side by side, by side, by side comparison (that’s four sides), and will be asking for your opinion at the bottom of the post. Enjoy.


Victoria Jackson

Tim Hawkins

Chonda Pierce


Sarah Silverman

Judy Gold

Jerry Seinfeld


Maz Jobrani

Ahmed Ahmed

Azhar Usman


David Cross

Jimmy Carr

Jim Jeffries

I purposefully kept each clip under the 3 and a half minute mark. I didn’t include the most famous comics in each category. I didn’t include clips where the comedians talked specifically about their faith (or lack thereof). Now here is where I ask your opinion.

One thought on “Experiment in funny

  1. Great post. It never occurred to me to compare comics like so.

    In the collection above the Christian, Jewish, and Atheist comedians were talking about non-faith subjects. The Muslims, however, all three were in a way making fun of Islam. I’ve seen other videos for Ahmed Ahmed and Maz Jobrani. Those two, being born and raised in America, yet having roots in Muslim countries(but not strong ones obviously), makes them “Liberal Muslims”. Also, I guess there are two main reason I voted for the Muslim.
    – I am an ex-christian who lives in a country where muslims are slightly more than half of the population. So I can related in a way to the jokes.
    – The other comedians are not the most famous guys—as you said yourself. However, the two guys I mentioned are probably the best folks in “Muslim Comedians”.

    Anyway, great post. Made me laugh—and I love laughing! 😀

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