Explaining the name

My grandmother always used to say “It put the wind up my skirt” when referring to something that irked her. This blog is dedicated to her and will be mostly about things that irk me… and hopefully, some things that inspire me as well. My life has gone through quite a few changes recently, so the tone of this blog has been morphing into something different. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’ll become next  … both life and blog. 

This is a forum for MY OPINION .If your opinion differs and you’d like 2000 plus people to read your brilliant words, don’t bother mucking up my comments with a response that should be a novel,instead start your own blog and do what I did, build a following over time . If you need me to know how much you disagree with me, keep it short and please refrain from suggestions like “go die or something.” 

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