Dangers of opiates

Prince Died From Accidental Overdose of Opioid Painkiller http://nyti.ms/1RRwNyx

After 6 plus months of hospitalization, I have an education in pain killers, I never thought I’d have. I understand debilitating pain after my stroke severely intensified a rotator cuff tendinitis that was pre-existing. Unfortunately Tylenol affects me negatively, and doctors don’t want to give ibuprofen, so I allowed myself to be talked into trying morphine  … a horrid, out of control feeling, and finally dilaudid. Dilaudid is a powerful opiate, so you don’t need much. I was taking no more than 2 milligrams at one time, 2 to 3 times per day. Almost impossible to get addicted at that level. The weening off was easy. But that’s me,a control freak with trust issues regarding prescription drugs.
In my 3rd month at hospital, I was in a ward with 3 other women, one of whom was a nurse with a heavy addiction to more than 6 separate  pain killers including methadone ,that she was now getting free whenever she wanted.  Not to mention the 3 types of opiates she brought from home that they trusted her to mention when she took one (misplaced trust ). I counted her pain pill intake one day as 63. This is the kind of dangerous situation that is ripe for legal minds.
Since coming home, I have found the best pain killer for me is half of one gummy bear made with medical Marijuana. Takes away the pain completely and I still function well.
Message here ask what they want to give you for pain or sleep, research the potential dangers and decide for yourself if it’s worth the risk. Though
I’m still greatly saddened by the sudden  loss of such a musical genius , his beautiful music lives on.



Confession: I like men in drag

 Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Ewan McGregor in Velvet Goldmine

The other night, I watched the movie Velvet Goldmine again and it got me thinking about how much I like an androgynous man.  Velvet Goldmine hearkens back to the days of Glam Rock and features hot men like Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale in make up. Ironically, Eddie Izzard is one of the few stars in the movie not wearing make up.

I began to notice men in the 1970’s, when rock stars like David Bowie, Marc Bolan and the New York Dolls were popular. It was the days of men with long hair, glitter eye shadow and tarty lipstick wearing flashy clothes and it made a big impression on me. These men with their blatant gender bending were so much sexier than the average Jock type to me. They were rebelling against the traditional male uniform. They were bravely flouting convention in an in your face way that was hard for me to resist. You see, I also have a rebellious spirit and a keen fashion sense and I related to these men, who I saw as so much more manly than the Jocks or the Suits. These men were breaking new ground, they were leaders. They were the new Alpha Male in all of their peacock feathered splendor.


Marc Bolan of T Rex

The New York Dolls

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

Then there was Tim Curry in the Rocky Horror pictures show licking his shiny red lips with a naughty, mischievous glint in his eye and singing “Give yourself over to absolute pleasure”. It didn’t matter that he was into both women and men, in fact that was a large part of the lure for me. He was unabashedly crashing through sexual boundaries.


Tim Curry in the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Since those days there have been very few examples of in your face male androgyny. In the 1980’s, Prince filled that role. At once, both masculine, feminine and oozing sex from every pore, Prince was my fantasy in those days.


Prince, from the Lovesexy Album cover

In the 1990’s Marilyn Manson took androgyny to a much darker and more Gothic place with his flawlessly painted face and very masculine voice. he merged male and female into one hot package.


Marilyn Manson

Currently, the most famous example is the aforementioned Eddie Izzard who has been quoted as saying, “Women wear what they want and so do I”. That attitude is irresistible to me.


Eddie Izzard, in all his glory.

Androgyny isn’t just dressing in drag. It’s a mindset. It’s a lifestyle. It’s sexy as hell.