Safety, security, and independence in your next power wheelchair?!

Meet Luci,a system of cameras and sensors that can keep you from falling off curbs, running into people who stop short in front of you or even help with spatial reasoning. For instance, I still suffer left side neglect from the massive stroke I had more than 8 years ago and if I had LUCI installed on my wheelchair i wouldn’t have to worry about scraping the door frames everywhere i go. If you know anyone who could use something like this ,please watch the video below for more information about this very necessary technology.

Watch “Zeen: Eye-Level Chats – Ep 2 John D” on YouTube stroke survivor

I thought you might like to see the video that sold me on the Zeen. I’m just one month away from my 7 year anniversary from being released from the hospital after 6 months and 2 days residing there. Had open heart surgery to remove a huge benign tumor from my right atria, recovered from that, and then the real work began stroke recovery. Unfortunately, I have some permanent paralysis that can not be dealt with in my left arm and hand and in my left ankle . The man in this video has found his own way to use his Zeen. This is what encouraged me to research the Zeen.

Watch “Zeen: Eye-Level Chats – Ep 1 Kristen H” on YouTube incomplete spinal chord injury

I’m ordering mine on Monday. After watching this video, it occurs to me that our friend at #wheelsnoheels might be able to benefit from the zeen as well. Invented by the same fellow who invented the steadicam and other camera mounts, Garrett Brown, after his parents had been dealing with the effects of old age and as he saw their friends deteriorating as well. Inventors have a quality that no one else seems to have, the ability to look at the current devices and see what’s missing.

The zeen team has thought of everything, including us one-handed folks. Yes,the Zeen can be controlled by one hand . Just make sure that you choose the one hand control option, and you will be able to enjoy your Zeen, sitting, standing, walking,and even coasting .

I can’t wait !

Very interesting upgrade to a walker or wheelchair the zeen

Created in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania way of walking has me intrigued. I need to work on my stamina,strength, and balance, and this looks like it might help on all accounts. And it has a one-handed control option. Do they ship to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ€”

It even drives through snow?! And it’s not available in Canada yet?

How is this possible? A power wheelchair that can raise you up to the top shelf at the grocery store and climb stairs and descend stairs and goes through snow like a plow and fits into the back of a tesla X. AND YOU CAN’T BUY IT IN CANADA! My rant is done.

But seriously, watch this thing take on the snow!

Scewo bro wheelchair is available to test drive in the USA…

The stair climbing wheelchair from Switzerland has finally made it across the pond to the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. My question is how much longer will I have to wait until I can finally test it out for myself, with an eye towards purchasing, of course. In the video below, Scewo representatives are in Utah for a test 6 it covers everything that the wheelchair does, including fit into the back of an SUV.