My Barbie experience and then some

Im pretty sure that I got my first Barbie doll in 1971, I was only 6 years old and it was the Malibu Barbie . She was very tanned and blonde, my exact opposite.

My second Barbie doll was the Sweet 16 Barbie, and I had been begging my parents to buy it for me for Christmas of 1972. Then, just a few days before Christmas, we made a stop at a store, and I saw my mother purchasing the doll through the window of the store . Unusually for me, I kept my mouth shut about what I’d seen until I opened the gift-wrapped package and noticed it was signed from Santa 🎅. Not wanting to out Santa Claus as fake to my brother, who was 4 years younger, it wasn’t until years later that I let my parents know how I’d figured out that Santa was fictional.

The doll that told me there’s no Santa Claus

I’m not sure what year it was when my parents built me a house for my Barbies, but it looked just like our house as they used bits of our wallpaper and shag carpet from the house. Barbie dream homes were just too expensive, and the personalization made my doll house special 💕

Just one more Barbie story to tell. This is the story of my Barbie heartbreak at the hands of my aforementioned younger brother and his friend, who was the lucky recipient of the entire collection .

This is the story of the crowned jewel of my Barbie collection, my Miss America Barbie doll. Technically, she was a Stacy, Barbie’s brunette friend, and I wanted her BADLY!

Miss America Stacy. I screamed so loud with excitement when I got her.

I think this happened when I was 10. I came home from school to find out that my brother and his friend, Claudine, from 2 houses down the street, were playing with my easy bake oven and my Barbies. I wondered why the whole house smelled like burning tires,only to be told the most heartbreaking news of my little life. All of my Barbie heads had been melted. Mom tried her best to open the easy bake oven, but the damned thing was on a timed lock, and there was no rescue for any of them . And yes, was the response to my only question, “What about Miss America?

The very next year, I sold the entire collection, house, and all to Claudine’s mom for Claudine and her little sister for 200 dollars that served me well during our European vacation.

So,will I see the Barbie movie?

HELL YES! It’s like it came out just for me!