Had such a great birthday dinner

Apologies for the less than sharp photos 📸.

Yesterday’s festivities began for me around 330pm when I was finished applying my face and my fragrance and was ready for my mom and husband to each put in my earrings simultaneously. It was a big laugh, and this was taken just after, hence the largesse of the smile.

Ready for my reservation

We had a 5pm reservation at my favorite Italian restaurant and had to pick up mom from her place before dinner. I never thought that I’d miss something about being shut down for covid, but I do miss being able to order delivery from this place. Now that everything is back to normal, it’s special occasion food again. Because this little restaurant got very popular. In no small part due to the dish that I had last night.

From left to right birthdays 07/07,0709,0716. Our favorite waiter is a fellow cancer ♋️

They do a canneloni stuffed with fresh crab and lobster in a rose cream sauce that if push came to shove,I would fight for. And I consider myself a passivist. It’s my favorite meal in town. I’d eat it daily if I could. And I’m about to thoroughly enjoy the second half shortly. But not before mentioning the tiramisu cups that came for dessert gratis, and thank you very much for that ,so light and creamy. It was the perfect way to end the meal 😋. Had a tad too much of my summer cherry aperitif, so was in bed early,where I promptly passed out in the middle of the bed,forcing the hubby to sleep in the second bedroom. All in all, a perfect day.

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