Something exciting is happening here on Tuesday, January 7th

If you’ve been with me for over 2 weeks, you may recall the blog posts I put up about the Zeen, and you might have even wondered if I ever did order one. My Zeen arrives on Monday. On Tuesday, I will be posting my first story post in a series about the Zeen and how it can work for me physically to help me walk, potentially hands-free. If it sounds like my expectations are high, it’s because they are. I do fully understand that it’s going to take time for me to get used to it. HENCE THE SERIES

You’ve likely noticed that I’ve been posting daily blogs and that they’ve been themed under the same subject matter of disability. Yes, my blog is taking another turn, and if new and cool stuff helps physically disabled people enjoy their lives ,is something that interests you ,I hope that you will enjoy what I have planned.

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