Xmas came early for Graham

I’ve been meaning to replace Graham’s old kitten tree ever since he grew out of it, mere months after purchasing. Back before we knew that he’s a Maine coon mix.

Just as Graham the kitten grew into the handsome cat,so must his kitten tree grow. And grow it did. It went from nearly halfway up the wall to this

His eyes lit up, and it only took a second, and he’d conquered the apex.

He’s been in need of more exercise, and we couldn’t change the square footage of our condo, so building up made sense . I found this on Amazon, and it wasn’t horribly pricey. It only took the hubby 10 minutes to assemble, and it’s quite sturdy. Sturdy enough to deal with 20 pounds of Graham jumping onto it with some speed behind him.

Happy HoHo Graham

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