Why do I love Naomi Smalls?

As a young teen in 1980, I always had my nose buried in either a book or a magazine.  I loved to read, but something I loved more was looking at pictures of beautiful models who graced the pages of mags like Harper’s bazaar, Elle,W,and even the canadian Chatelaine magazine were where I dreamed of being a cover model . There was one fashion magazine that I actually subscribed to, meaning it came to my house every month for a total of 4 years and that magazine was the big one, the Bible for fashionistas,of course I’m talking about Vogue. I used to quote it chapter and verse. I knew all the models by name and the designers, and the photographers. I wanted to be a model so badly that I convinced my parents to send me to a modeling school in Vancouver on weekends for several months and we lived an hours drive and a ferry then another 45 minutes by car away.  Even though I never became a model, I did get a two pictures in a fashion magazine and walked a few runways, I still know all the models names and enjoy watching runway shows on YouTube.  What does any of this have to do with Naomi Smalls?

Naomi Smalls

Naomi and her ridiculously long legs first strutted onto RuPaul’s Drag Race in season 8 and she’s just a supermodel when she walks,  the strut,the confidence and the sex appeal,it’s all there. She even bares a resemblance to a more recent top model,  Joan Smalls .

Puerto Rican beauty Joan Smalls

And she’s been in the pages of my Bible,  Vogue!

Not just a model, a Vogue model

I feel a kinship with Naomi and that’s why I went to see her wearing head to toe Micheal Kors as a show of respect  from one model to another. Even the placement of my wheelchair in my photo from the show is on purpose so I didn’t block her and her gorgeous dress!

Naomi is on the left,  looking statuesque

So to answer the title question… because I understand her and her fantasy and they’re both beautiful.

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