First time for everything

August 24th will mark exactly 7 years since the massive stroke that very nearly took my life. While in hospital, not a day went by without a nurse or two complimenting my skin. For more than 6 months I never had a bedsore .And 7 bloody years later,drumroll please…

My first bedsore!

Sleeping in a diaper doesn’t help. But it’s drying out and causing me no pain. A few days ago it was itchy and the skin was opened. I have a secret that took the itching away immediately and is drying out the sore. The secret is Secret antiperspirant. Just a thin layer applied on the sore, really helps. It’s far better than powders that,unsurprisingly just seem to keep the sore open, after all powders are really small pieces of rock, and that can’t be good for a sore of any kind.

I hope this post helps anyone reading who may be dealing with sores of their own.

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