Have you ever fallen in love with something entirely wrong for you?

It happened to me this week. I spend a lot of my time browsing real estate. I appreciate a unique home and I’ve discovered a few really cool modern builds in my area of the world. A couple of days ago I came across a spacious 3 bedroom, two bathroom house that blew my mind. It has all of the privacy you could ever want,set very well back off the street among the trees, and the added attraction of being only a 40 minute drive from the downtown core of a capital city and within 10 minutes of the airport without being in the flight path. And I almost forgot you’d be just 5 minutes away from the ocean! And all for just 1,950,000 dollars Canadian

It’s an older house, built in 1978,but, honey move in ready doesn’t begin to describe it. Now, I want you to remember that I live on Canada’s west coast before you see the first picture. I’m in awe of the fact that this house was built from lumber from the land it sits on..I’m doing this a bit of a disservice by calling it a house rather than the small compound it is.

With nearly 6 acres of land, sixty percent of which has been cleared, and space for 7 cars, an attached workshop and a garage that’s any car lover’s wet dream, this is a very unique property.

The attached workshop.
Big garage!
Even a mechanic would love it!

Every need is thought of in the garage.

Not fancy but necessary

I mentioned that the wood used for the property was cleared from the land it sits on. And you might never run out of firewood!

Just to start you off.

I also mentioned privacy.

Nestled among the trees
Lovely deck
Love the detail around the window

The house is over 3200 square feet and we’re going inside now.

Living room
Local stones used to build the fireplace
The kitchen might be as big as my condo!
I’ve never seen a powder room with this much storage and a double sink!
The “cozy ” TV room needed 3 different angles

Now let’s go upstairs.

Skylight adds some light
Nice “little” office
Loft space
Bathroom with great storage
Not the master bedroom
Also not the master bedroom
The master bedroom

That’s the tour with a few pictures missing. This is a property that will have a specific type of buyer . If it might just be you, contact me for realtor information.

I’m not working with the realtor, nor will I receive any money if it sells weather or not this post has anything to do with the sale. Literally just LOVE THIS HOUSE

4 thoughts on “Have you ever fallen in love with something entirely wrong for you?

      1. Designed with the owner occupant builder in mind.
        However, even though I am mobile a double storey home always makes me think twice, something I didn’t do before my last comment!
        A single storey, with no steps, ramps or anything that was not flat as a pancake, and this includes access to the garden.
        How are you getting on?

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