Watch “Legitimacy Of Supreme Court In Question After Politico Reports Draft Opinion Leak” on YouTube

Looking like the US is overturning Roe vs Wade. I’ve never been happier to be a Canadian and post menopausal. Here’s Rachel Maddow, because I won’t be able to write about it without swearing like a sailor. I just want to make this point first. Do American men not realize that this will affect their lives too? It’s not going to be possible to just pay to make it go away anymore. Better get used to condoms, boys. But ask yourselves this, if you get someone pregnant can you afford to pay to raise the child through adulthood? Because you will have to. And women of the US really should stop having sex with Republicans! Stock up on birth control and plan B pills before they become illegal too. Do you really want to go back to the days when your husband is the one your doctor talks to?

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