6 thoughts on “Watch “unexpected health update” on YouTube

  1. No point in me offering any pithy cheery-up type comment, I can’t imagine what you are going through right now. But for what it’s worth, I shall keep you on my thoughts.

    Kindest regards and a long distance cyber hug


      1. So, aside from all the severely debilitating, pain in the arse shitty health issues … not to mention the lousy weather up there, how’re you keeping?

        1. Actually, it’s been sunny and crisp my favorite kind of weather. No snow here … yet. How am I keeping? To myself mostly and not just because of the pandemic also because I don’t like to mingle with people since my stroke the tilted head of pity is not what I need for my sanity 🙃

          1. At the moment, sitting here listening to Johnny Winter.

            It’s been raining cats ‘n dogs this past week, which means mostly indoor stuff.
            Work is quiet this week so between showers we are trying to get a back wall repaired – fell down because of the heavy rain! It’s an old stone wall.
            What else? We adopted two boxers dogs from the SPCA last week. They are a handful but tons of fun.

            Other than that, like you, feeling a bit penned in because of the Pandemic.
            I don’t venture out much at the best of times – my family think I am becoming a hermit – but being forced behind the walls of the property suddenly makes me want to go and shop or simply walk around in places I seldom visit.

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