Tom Petty was so right.

This is me enduring the hardest part

The waiting is the hardest part. Just got the results of my last set of brain scans after what felt like a year but in reality was only a month. My family doctor gave me the run down. There was a moment after she read the first line of the report, that read , this case is highly unusual, when we looked at each other and both exclaimed, No kidding! The “good news” is that the majority of the aneurysms are stable. There are but two noteworthy changes. There now exists a 6th aneurysm located in the left hemisphere of my brain, so now it’s even 3 aneurysms per hemisphere. And the largest of the aneurysms has grown a bit. It now measures 6 millimeters as opposed to 5 millimeters 9 months ago. I have no idea if that is a little or a lot. I do know that they’re considered small, but I still need to know if it is growing quickly or at a glacial pace. Hoping for the latter , but knowing that it doesn’t get better from here. The wait time is the most stressful time I have to kill, and no amount of movie or tv watching makes it any less stressful. On a lighter note my exercises are improving. I’m able to do harder things more quickly and without losing my breath. As a matter of fact I’m now climbing 14 steps and walking a hallway that measures over 100 meters in half the time it used to take me at 15 minutes. I’m very proud of that. I’m trying to think of something new to throw on top of that before I start climbing to the 3rd floor. It feels like I’m ready to add to my routine, but not quite that much. There will be new video of my progress soon, hopefully 😊

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