It’s a first, okay, a second. 

Yesterday, on the third day of my resolution to kick ass and take names, I wore my leg brace for 9 hours  (a personal best ). EVERY time I needed the bathroom, I walked there.  My balance was good, so I decided to try something for the first time.  I brushed my teeth, get this, WHILE STANDING UNAIDED!  NO CANE,  NO COUNTER!  The video below is footage of the second time I was able to do this.  I was way more excited the first time. 

2 thoughts on “It’s a first, okay, a second. 

  1. Good grief … peeking inside the bathroom. What next, the Shower Scene!

    Marvelous to see you up and about. Your resolve is something else. Good for you.
    All the absolute very best for this year.

  2. I have always had the luck of getting up and moving around without help [after my first year, of course], so I can only try imagine your victorious feelings. Keep it up!

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