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I don’t know about you, but my bookshelf is overflowing with wonderful authors and it’s been too long since I’ve read someone new, or old but new to me I’m feeling the need to read lately and would like to be exposed to different points of view. So,I’ve decided to include you in my search for new voices to’s a short listof my preferredgenres and authors ..

Crime fiction  JamesEllroy 

Biographies, including autobiographies ,specificallyabout famous women 

Political thrillers  Gore Vidal

Anything funny  Christopher Moore,  Tom Robbins 

Strong, sexy, independent  women,  Jackie Collins 

Mysteries  Agatha Christie 

Classics  like Rebecca, wuthering heights 

Vampire fiction Ann Rice 

Easy reads Dan Brown, JK Rowling 

Anything gritty  Truman Capote,  Harold Robbins 

Odd ducks Douglas Copeland,  JG Ballard, Anthony Burgess 

Don’t b afraid to challenge me or recommend outside my favourite genres 

If you’re an author, feel free to plug your work, but you might have to sell me on it 

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what recommendations come in. I like to read all of an authors work, so if they’re prolific, that works for me. 

You can reply here or on twitter via the Hashtag #recommendanauthor 

Please include a snippet about why you liked the author or book 

3 thoughts on “Recommend an author 

  1. Terry Pratchett. Humorous fantasy. If you are totally unaware of Pratchett’s work, I will be useless at selling it!
    Set on the imaginary Discworld, which in not completely unlike our own Earth), There are 40 odd novels that should keep you busy! Magic and mirth abound, cynicism and and dry wit keep them grounded.

    Brian Aldiss. Writes across several genres. Best known for his Science Fiction Work.
    Try the Helliconia Trilogy…. if you can get it. A sweeping story set on the planet Helliconia that spans three seasons, Spring, Summer, Winter, across the several thousand years it takes for the planet to orbit its star Freyr, and all the generations of people this impacts.

    Tom Sharpe. Humour/satire. Was chucked out of South Africa, not least because of his ”views” of the then political system. His rip roaring, side splitting book Riotous Assembly did not endear him to the authorities at the time either! ( it was banned) Wilt and The Great Pursuit are also classics.

    Robert Reed. Marrow. Another work of sweeping Science Fiction. I recommended this to John Zande. He got a copy and reckons it is one of the best Sci Fi novels he has ever read.
    A planet size starship of completely unknown origin enters the galaxy and humans build spacecraft and set out to intercept it … and so do quite a lot of other species!

  2. Agatha Christie’s work has stood the test of time. Stories like The Mysterious Affair at Styles and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd are still among my favorites across all writers.

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