Happy POO Year 💩💩💩

Ironically, after saying that I would greet 2017 with a turned  cheek, I awoke yesterday morning to my bottom spewing poop,the consistency of thin oatmeal like an upside down volcano,  through my underwear, then 3 more times later on in the day after changing into a diaper, which is no better with liquid poop than the underwear, the diarrhea is from taking antibiotics for my ruptured appendix. It would’ve been difficult to clean up with 2 working hands, with only one, it was near impossible. Had to call hubby home from work.with what he came home to, I’m sure he’d rather be working  Huge thanks to the coworker who stepped in to cover hubby’s shift.

If yesterday morning was any indication of how this year is going to be for me, it doesn’t look,or smell too good

.  Optimistic hubby thinks that the shit has hit the fan now so nothing to worry about, but I disagree, knowing that I still have surgery looming this year. 


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