The switch turned ON 

Something incredible happened yesterday. The switch in my brain that controls the left side of my body suddenly clicked on and my left side; leg, torso, neck,shoulder and face woke up.   I still have no movement in my left arm and hand, but the shoulder woke up today and that’s something. Saturday,  I was talking single tiny steps that I had to concentrate on fully. There was no fluidity of movement. Then yesterday everything  just  remembered how to move and , the above video was shot. I must confess to having given up hope of ever walking properly again about a month ago but my rebellious body apparently didn’t . It’s almost impossible not to give into the depression that inevitably comes with a long, slow recovery . I can now say, as of today, with confidence and for the very  first time that I finally believe I  will be walking. And it’s going to be soon!

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