Hard work doesn’t always pay off 

Imagine training your whole life to get to the Olympic games, only to be easily outrun by a man with the audacity to smile for the camera halfway through the race. 

Then the whole world celebrates his victory while you have to relive that 10 seconds of your life over and over again because of a well timed photo going viral. All the while, no one seems to notice the obvious advantage Usain Bolt has, clearly shown in that viral photo. Of course Usain Bolt won. It’s not because he’s so much faster, but because he’s so much taller than his opponents, giving him the advantage of a longer stride . Given the height difference, I’d say the others did miraculously well keeping up this closely. While the media marvels at how Usain Bolt never got to top gear, strolled through the race or jogged to a win, all the while ignoring physics,  my  heart goes out to Bolt’s opponents and what they must be going through. And I hope they can come to the realization that there are people like me who are working very hard to and would give anything to walk the hallway in under 5 minutes , let alone run an Olympic  race with Usain Bolt. 

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