No place like a brand new home

Last night was my first night home. I didn’t expect to feel as guilty about requiring help as I did. Any time I had to ask for anything it was immediately followed by an apology. Husband was wonderful, but exhausted from moving all day  … probably why I felt like such an asshole. Slept poorly. Forgot how loud the saw mill that comes out of his mouth can be. My awesome mattress killed my lower back. I was over heated under to heavy a comforter. Went to sleep at 10, woke up at 1am, watched Vinyl until 2:30 (awesome show! ) back to bed, then up at 8. It seems the only piece of furniture that I’m kinda comfy in is my wheelchair, couch hurts my back and is too soft to get out of by myself. My good comforter will be brought over tomorrow, yay! The rest of your my mobility aids arrive Monday,including better wheelchair.


We call this our stripper pole. It helps me get out of bed easier. I’m  looking forward to less pain soon. We lit a fire last night in our new fireplace.


Tilted pictures due to one handed photographer using tablet. Hubby spent the day today continuing to unpack and made a big dent, while I tried to be more independent. Succeeded somewhat. This will just take some getting used to. Tomorrow my parents come by with the rest of my stuff from the hospital. We’re having lunch and they get to see the place. Hoping tomorrow will be that much easier. I know Monday will be. I love my new place, now I just have to figure out how to best live in it.

The above was the thoughts of an impatient woman in a body that requires infinite patience.

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