Where’s my million bucks?


My favourite guilty pleasure is watching the show Survivor. I started with season 2 and haven’t missed an episode yet. So last night I watched a new group of contestants whine,whinge a blubber their way through 90 minutes of what used to be phenomenal TV and I couldn’t help thinking, THESE PEOPLE ARE SUCH PUSSIES!

They only have to put up with 39 days of heat, humidity and stressful conditions and on day ONE, they’re complaining?  Try 6 months and 2 days being ‘cared for ‘by, for the most part, idiots, being given medication that backfires, learning to stand, walk and go to the toilet, having nurses so obsessed with your poop schedule that your bowels shut down, accessing a paralyzed leg one muscle at a time, and all after 3 months in bed recovering from open heart surgery. Not to mention losing use of one arm for the rest of your life, losing your job and going broke . But I’m not and never have I had a pity party, never said why me. As soon as I was able, I pushed myself past limits, reached physical goals ahead of time and kept moving forward, and still am moving forward, and will continue to move forward until my body screams no more.

If anyone deserves a million bucks, it’s me!  But unlike Kanye West, who is 53 million in debt and begging Mark Zuckerberg for 1 billion dollars, I am just happy to still be alive.

This season’s contestants truly need to suck it up and get determined . Show us the best you have as opposed to crying over a tiny bug in the ear or being away from home to impress me.

There is one shining possibility this season. His name is Joseph del Campo and at 72 years of age he made the youngsters on his tribe look like they were couch potatoes.

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