The time I met David Bowie

I have been going back and forth between posting or not posting this,  specifically because I hate it when people try to prove how cool they are cause they met someone famous. But, as I come off geeky, I figured what the heck.

It was 1983 in September, in Vancouver B.C. Chinatown to be exact. I was 18 and a total nerd, exiting the shop in which I bought echenecea. I turned to the left and ran directly into a lanky blond fellow, we both apologized as we knelt down to pick up our things. I looked up at him,into those hypnotic mismatched eyes and spoke the most ridiculous sentence I had ever uttered before or since  … “Do you know who you are? “He grinned at my reddening face and replied,  “sometimes, do you? ” to which I responded rarely, an honour to meet you. He then gave me a peck on the cheek and sauntered off. That night I was in the audience and saw this.


10 responses to “The time I met David Bowie

  1. I love your story. The 14 year old me, from North Vancouver, heard on the news that Bowie was in Chinatown that day and I wondered what it would be like to just bump into him. What you describe here is just lovely. That’s satisfied my curiosity as to what it might have been like, although I don’t know if I would’ve had the wherewithal to be as geeky-cool as you were! What a joyous memory. Thank you for sharing it.

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