And he has promises to keep


Campaign promises are so rarely kept they have become a bit of a joke. For instance, Obama campaigned both times on promises of closing Gitmo, which is still open only a year shy of his 2nd term ending. Canada has had its fair share of broken promises as well. But this is a new administration with a great deal of determination to prove it means business.  Our new, young rock star, heart throb  (as the media calls him) PM, Justin Trudeau has been in office for less than a month and he has started the ball rolling on bringing in 25000 Syrian refugees, as promised, legalizing Marijuana, as promised, recalling Canadian fighter jets, as promised and is making headway with respect to climate change, as promised.  Whether or not you agree with his agenda, you must admit he is a man of his word.

I am currently halfway through reading Trudeau’s book,  Common Ground, released over a year before his campaign began. . Trudeau ( and ghostwriter? ) beautifully present his platform via his own life story. You can’t accuse Trudeau of inconsistencies.  During his campaign, Trudeau called out the Harper government for being less than transparent, something Trudeau is proudly flaunting and that’s something Canada can be proud of.

It turns out Trudeau’s campaign slogan, ‘Real change now ‘ actually meant something .

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