I don’t believe it

IMG_20150817_102956I was truly horrified to receive the following message in response to my different strokes post. the lack of respect for who i am was uncalled for. They wrote, it must be hard knowing when it was just you and god, you prayed.

People like this ar constantly accusing atheists of death-bed conversions. Remember the idiots after Christopher Hitchens died?

This post is for those people and it will be brutally honest.

The night before open heart surgery was the most afraid I have ever been. There were moments of tremendous lonliness.That night my fiance  (also an atheist) slept in my room all night. it was a comfort to hear the snoring. My mind was racing.What if I don’t wake up was the question that kept coming back. The answer inevitably was, then it will have been peaceful.

Never did I even think about wasting one second by silently calling out for an imaginary friend. i had an actual friend there if I needed.

So, on this blasphemy/sacrilege Sunday, I will state unequivocably that I am still an atheist, not a foxhole or a deathbed atheist, just a person who doesn’t believe crap made up to keep the poor from killing the rich. I will never follow without questioning. and I will never be so stupid as to buy into a story where a virgin gives birth.(that’s her story and she really stuck to it)

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  1. What moves people to say such thoughtless things of others, especially online? Do they truly suppose that they are scoring points for their god’s favor with such despicable, condescending behavior?

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