The “Poor” Pope


This new Pope is trying to brand himself as the Pope of the people. The dangerous thing is it seems to be working. New Pope Francis was quoted a few days ago as saying,  “Oh, how I would like a poor Church, and for the poor.” He also reportedly, bowed to the crowd as he was presented as the new Pope and asked for their blessing before he would bless the people. While these acts are charming on the surface and are winning the hearts of the gullible, to me they seem like shallow attempts to seem different. I see this as ‘Meet the new Pope, same as the old Pope’ (to paraphrase The Who).

This new Pope has been very open in regard to his feelings on many social issues including the four big ones, homosexuality, abortion, birth control and the rise of women in the Catholic church to positions of power. In all four cases, like the Popes who came before him, his stance is a firm NO. So apparently the old ‘every sperm is sacred’ motto is still in effect, except, of course if that sperm creates a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered person.

I don’t quite understand why people are acting as if the Pope talking about how the church should be helping the poor is such a new and controversial concept. Was it not Jesus who took the poor under his wing? This idea is older than the church itself. This new Pope says he “would like” a poor church, and for the poor. He doesn’t say he will make this come to pass. This is an easy thing to say when you are literally living in a golden palace. It comes off as ridiculously insincere when he says this with the vast wealth of the Catholic Church as his backdrop.

Then there’s the quandary of women. To this new Pope, we are still seen merely as baby making machines with no say as to what happens with our own bodies. We are still second class citizens who, unless we are virgins, are either mothers or whores… both being unfit to hold the priesthood, let alone any higher status within the church. Ah, yes the new pope is of the ‘keep them down’ mindset, just like his predecessors.

So here’s to the new Pope…

Vatican Pope

a man who was called a bishop, drinks from a golden chalice, wears expensive and flamboyant clothing and keeps women ‘in their place’. Remind you of anyone?

USA World's most famous Pimp

Famous pimp, Don “Magic” Juan calls himself the Bishop, wears expensive and flamboyant clothing, drinks from a golden chalice and keeps women down too. Though he is possibly more likely to be tolerant of the GLBT community than Francis.

18 thoughts on “The “Poor” Pope

    1. I just compared the new pope the world’s most famous pimp and I’m holding back?? 😉 BTW, if you click the link you’ll see the whole every sperm is sacred scene from Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life.

          1. Sorry, you just can’t respect a man that steps in to represent a bunch of pedophiles and pretend to be god’s right hand man… there is a porno flick in there somewhere.

          2. When you think about it, there is nothing butt puns for this pope in neril. He’s two heartbeats away from being an ex, as close as he’ll cum to marriage. Despite that he knows that condoms are bad because they stop something or other from happening when you have sex with a woman … nothing he knows anything about. He comments about abortion because he is so thankful that his did not work. Damn those mothers!

          3. What do you think his PUNishment should be? How many years in the PUNitentary does he get? I love a good pun, but a bad one is even better, thanks for the chuckle… and the great opinion.

          4. Hey, I do what I can to help the world, It’s going to hell in a handbasket, I’m just trying to make the journey a bit more enjoyable.

  1. Don’t get me started! The Vatican sits on the largest collection of stolen or plundered riches in the world. The day we see a “poor” pope is the day pigs fly.

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