And they said it wouldn’t last

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog. Over the past 52 weeks, there have been 118 blog posts on a large number of topics, prompting 556 comments, 161 followers (not including the 1,415 followers on twitter) and 38,055 page views.

I have blogged about many things over the past year from my three-part series on crimes that shouldn’t be crimes,

and my homage to my homeland during “Canada Week”,

to creating a new game called Celebrity Butterfly Effect.

There have been some controversial opinions,

but I have always tried to include some more fun and cute blogs so as not to be too depressing.

It’s been a year of ups and downs, like any other. What makes this past year different is that I get to say thank you to everyone who has spent time here for making this year a year of which I can be proud. Yes, proud… proud of every word, every image and every view that this blog has generated.

Today I pat myself on the back, tomorrow it’s back to ranting as usual.

This is my favourite view, from high atop my soap box.


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