These are the days of my week


My Mum and I are both cat lovers of the highest order and while neither of us is lucky enough to actually have a cat living in our homes at the moment, we both love looking at pictures of adorable kitties. I have been following the blog at for years. Whenever the world gets too harsh and I need quick injection of cute, it’s my go to place. Last year, I began sending my Mum a daily dose of her own kitty cuteness, direct from lolcats. Over the months, I have renamed all of the days of the week to coincide with these feline emails. It all started when I noticed that many of the folks in my twitter feed were referring to Saturday as Caturday and it just spiraled from there. Let me illustrate…








My Mum looks forward to her her daily kitty emails. It’s a little thing that brings us closer together even though we live on opposite sides of the country. Thank you to the kind folks at for giving me such a sweet way to let my Mum know that I am thinking of her.




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  1. Me too! The bit about him stepping on the scale and feeling nothing actually did make me laugh out loud.

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