Mother knows best

We’ve all heard the saying, but in my case, Mother knows ALL. It’s a little eerie when your mother can predict everything from when it will snow on the other side of the world to your bodily functions, all with the accuracy of a German train schedule. Let me explain.

My mother spends her winters in New Zealand, I spend mine at home in Quebec. At the end of the winter, at least I thought it was the end, I boldly stated, “That’s it for the snow this winter.” My mother correctly predicted it would snow once more within the week… it did. I’ve mentioned in another blog post that I am currently going through menopause. One of the symptoms of that is irregular periods. My mother can, just by talking on the phone to me, tell me within a few days, that I can expect a visit from Aunt Flo. Medicine can’t, but my mother can.  I have bestowed upon her the nickname of NOSTRA-MOM-US. When asked how she knows, she just laughs and says, ‘I have no idea”.

As an atheist, I look for the explanations behind the un-explainable. The only one I can come up with is experience. There are many things that I can ‘predict’ just through past experience. None of them quite as impressive as some of my mother’s ‘predictions’, but then she has over 20 years more experience on the planet than I do.

I can’t be the only child on earth who’s mother knows all. If you have a NOSTRA-MOM-US, please use the comment section below to tell me about her ‘predictions’.

Of course, my mother’s predictions are nowhere near as accurate as the real Nostradamus…

Now that’s accurate!!

2 thoughts on “Mother knows best

  1. I’d say experience, and your mum has soaked in expreience even without realising it. We all have much more potential, so these things surprise us of what we are capable of by accident. (in a brain-way, not a ‘spiritual’ way)

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